Published on: April 10, 2020

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Camaray Davalos


Like water, we quench each others’ thirst for less than a cent a day;

thirst for love, knowledge, art, revolution, hope.

Why demand anything in exchange

for something that runs through our veins for free?

Let my words run over you like water

Like love notes trickling down your cheek.

Voices in the streets that speak

of freedom 

each one a wave,

together the sea.

Like learning a language through dreams

or medicine when I give you tea,

the chemical reaction of water and root.

Like studying the river’s constant flow,

committing its movement to memory

to be translated on canvas.

Or like raindrops whose simple promise is seedling’s growth.

And worry not, of over saturation

Or of drowning in love, art, or knowledge

for there are worse things to drown in.


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