The Choreographed Life

Published on: September 12, 2014

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Long-term goals are a tricky thing. We set them in hopes that we will reach them at some point in the future, yet if we don’t meet them, we cast ourselves as having failed. Why must it always be constituted as failure? What if we decided that it just wasn’t a goal we wanted for ourselves as much anymore and stopped working to achieve it? Is that really a bad thing? We all get so caught up in the daily routine of life rushing to be somebody that we may not even want to be in a few years. It seems we have been taught that goals should be implemented into our way of being. If we have no goals, we have no aim. And if we have no aim, we will always be short of success. Goals are hard. It may seem like we’re shooting for something but we could very well be directionless. Am I still going to be the same me in four years? Technically how can I be if right now is the only moment I know; we can’t manage to remember every detail down to the minute from yesterday, how in the hell will we know what tomorrow might bring? These next moments we will have experienced a new timeframe, a new occurrence. From every breath on we become a new us. We work to achieve a newer us by setting goals for ourselves in life: to graduate high school, get a college degree, or find a good paying career. What does this all really mean if during our reach to our goals we are simply changing our views or character due to each new experience learned in life everyday? These goals cannot be attainable if our minds simply change, because our minds do change. And it’s that right there that people can’t seem to comprehend. They cannot be satisfied with the simple fact of the matter that we tend to change our mind as we experience more time on this planet. Nobody other than our own species brought upon this way of life we choose to follow. We are the ones who determined what success is…In America, it’s having a high paying job in order to achieve your wealth, luxuries, and prestige social status. So our lives are centered on this idea of success from the minute we are born. All the training and education is already surged upon us, regardless if we want to do it or not. We are hardly ever given the option to do whatever we choose due to the pressure society puts upon us. Sure we are given the opportunity to decide which college we want to attend, but it’s frowned upon if we decide we want a family of our own before that. Being sensitive creatures, prone to human judgment, are we really being given the freedom of choice, let alone the freedom to choose our goal paths? We should view our body and spirit as juxtapositions that work in harmony, rather than a relationship between a demander and a giver. That’s not to say that our goals are not important to keep us moving in life, because they are. Everyday we are seeking the future, remaining anxious about what it will bring us. If we are following goal paths that we no longer want to be following, due to the condemned nature of our choreographed lives, when will our spirits be happy? We have to allow ourselves to not get so wrapped up in working for a tomorrow that may change at any point in time. We sometimes forget that the present is truly a gift, and we get so caught up seeking the future we fail to appreciate the here and now. It seems almost naïve of me to say that our souls should be given freedom to roam, instead of living such a preordained life with little room to think freely, but it is the truth I believe. Well, I guess to others, these statements hold no value. But it’s all just a matter of perspective I suppose, so who’s ever right?]]>

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