Short and Sweet, 2015 Feat

Published on: January 14, 2015

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So let’s just knock it out.
Here we are, being 13 days so far into the year of 2015.
And where am I? Oh, still here with my resolutions in hand…having broken probably all of them so far. I mean what’s new? It’s only human nature right?

Well, technically resolutions can’t be broken anyways. It seems to be more about trial, error, and effort. About finding and understanding what works for you. Even if it takes a million tries, you keep trying if it’s something you truly want. You have to endure the battles to come to understand how to achieve your goals.

Some people have the ability to catch onto their goals in a much quicker format than others. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those people.

People like me, well, we like to talk a lot and think a lot about what it is we want. Which isn’t bad, it adds strength to our goal. But when it comes to decision-making, we seem to always make the wrong choices consistently. Even when we think the choice will be okay, it usually turns out wrong. So we start over on the drawing board. We go back into it clear headed with another plan. And much of the time we can’t follow through very well on our plan because we seek the temporary happiness embedded in other choices we are able to make.

It’s hard for us to make the choices necessary for long-term success because we aren’t getting the instant gratification we desire. That’s the problem right there. We are impatient, stubborn, and well, lets just say a little lazy. And as much as we want to make excuses for ourselves, we can’t possibly attain our goals if we keep giving ourselves these excuses and cover ups for why we shouldn’t make the best choices possible during our opportune moments.

So this year, let’s just give it our 100% effort. Hell why not even start with 80%? That’s probably better than the 70% maybe that we’ve been implementing every few days.

Never forget, that the power to change all starts with you.

Hey, if you believe it…you can achieve it.

So here is to a successful 2015 ladies and gents.

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