Right to Suburbia

Published on: October 1, 2014

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The beams of light creep through the window panes, The morning dew embedded on plants like stains. The creaking of the heater to warm the frigid air, A new day is upon me, while I sip on my tea in this chair. The chirping of birds delights my ears, It is calming and peaceful, a nature that’s hard to find here. In this little slice of suburban life Waking up to each house tailored by a wife. Or maybe just a normal family Who has some kids maybe the age of three or thirteen. Regardless it’s all the same, Who’s got this…who’s got that…material things. What mass did you attend? Oh you haven’t heard the word of the lord this week? Gasp! Now in disdain they hold you Because of the standards you do not meet, Of the “I am happy and have a perfect life” type of holy community. Suburbia. The suburbs are defined as “A usually residential area or community outlying a city.” This is the simplest definition that one could possibly conjure. And maybe we could all view the suburbs as being just that, simple. I have lived in this town called Temecula the majority of my life, since the wee age of three. I have traveled to many different states growing up, even some countries such as Germany and Amsterdam, and I lived in Michigan for three quarters of a year where I attended Michigan State University. Despite all of the roaming I have done and new cultures I immersed myself in, I find myself still in this place. It’s comfort, it’s home…and it’s damn hard to leave. In the midst of growing older while living here, I have realized how hard it is to push myself beyond the boundaries of the bubble I exist in. To even have realized and acknowledged I live in a bubble is a feat in itself. Pushing to be beyond this way of life can be draining, especially since everything here is so tailored to be one distinct way. So in my journey to find my creative spark, and ultimately myself, I have decided to write a series on the subject of suburbia and what it’s like to be an artist living here. Because as an individual who is just starting to understand her own creative potential, I am so curiously imposed to know how artists have managed to keep their imagination alive within the boundaries of this white picket fenced community.

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