Quarantine Spring

Published on: April 27, 2020

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Quarantine Spring.

There is always something about the changing of the seasons. That clinging feeling of nostalgia, lingering, as the unspeakable trace of molecular sequences transform to meet our quarterly need.

In 2020, our springtime change began amidst a growing pandemic. Covid-19, otherwise known as Coronavirus, took over everything we knew about this time of the year. The singing birds, the dancing plants, the buzzing bees.

The lively and abundant was swept under the rug as the virus trophy winner rose to the podium.

What was once a delightful transition from short days, dark nights, and cold brisk air, slowly transformed into longer days, brighter nights, and warmer welcoming air.

But, where were we?


At the change of the seasons, our focus is typically grateful and aware of such a beautiful worldly calendar event. But this year, our focus was centered on a sickness; a worldly event of people contracting a deadly disease and dying at a faster rate than anticipated, with no cure in sight.

A worldwide spread, a dimming present. How could we think about anything else than fill ourselves with such woe and worry? Saturation of the media, of political feud, of a spiraling economy. A dark and dreary time this virus placed on us.

A heavy dark cloud that’s wrapped itself around our gentle forgiving earth.


Covid-19 continues to take its toll;

But can we pause?

Pause to remember and give awareness to the other happenings within ourselves and the external. Pause to take a moment of reflection, to realize opportunities may have passed us by without our knowledge. A gratitude for the simplicities in life should be well notated.


The Spring Solstice. 2020’s pivotal panic.

There’s no use in trying to go back and indulge in the springtime transition; Rather bring to the table a composition of expressed gratitude for the change we may have originally dismissed, intentionally or unintentionally.

Spring did not wait for us to acknowledge and praise its entrance; Rather it came to us and brought forth all its wonderful qualities with no sleight of hand.

So, let’s just stop for a moment. Let’s listen to the birds chirping at the rise of dawn and let’s feel the stillness as dusk falls. Let’s happily acknowledge a stranger’s presence and let’s shower others with compliments. Let’s sow a seed now and let’s reap the reward later. Let’s bring calm in our minds and warmth in our hearts.


In all things dark breaches an entrance of light. We will soon begin to see brighter days and less worrying times.

I am sure we have all heard the phrase, “April showers bring May flowers,” and this year, I am hoping it holds true.


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