Published on: October 18, 2018

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By Camaray Davalos

The locus of your discomfort

The anima of your grandmother (Who you constantly look for in others but will never openly admit)


Patron saint of humble-brag who tugs, tickles, traps your attention

Patron saint of second thoughts and less self-affection


The fruit of what you lack

The reflection of your other half


The questions you don’t ask (“Are you okay?”)

The color of apathy


Queen of Nothing and Everything

Queen of Regrets and Risk-Taking


The reason you get turned on

The reason you get turned off (Is probably because she said something that made you feel more inadequate than you were taught to accept)


Mother least amiable

Mother most traditional

Mother most assimilated

Mother of native girl laying across a cold bathroom floor

Mother of native girl who was date raped

Mother of native girl burnt with a cigarette on her cheek at the hands of her ex (Who to this day still doesn’t know why you used to cancel plans)


Goddess of unrequited love for herself

Goddess of wit that whisks like a wing (Summon her by leaving offerings of dahlias and prickly pear)


Self-repair extraordinaire

Self-sacrificing shungáal

Selfish woman


The reason she pares her words to perry your questions

The reason she’s so good at deception

The reason you think she’s boring (because fewer words are better than ones she’ll regret)


The other side of her face

The other side of the story.


Note: Shungáal=’woman’ in the Payómkawish language

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