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Published on: June 22, 2015

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As writers, we clearly have a lot to say, but where do you think our ideas come from? Tastes For Taste reveals a glimpse of things month by month that keep us inspired, whether it be a song we heard of or a restaurant we ate at. Welcome to what picks our brains; we highly encourage you to dive in and see if any appeal to you!


Camaray’s Tastes:

The Round House, by Louise Erdrich41HfjdXnn9L

This book, read initially due to lack of options, exceeded my expectations (though I’m not sure why, knowing it’s an Erdrich novel). Set in an Ojibwe Reservation, The Round House is a mystery-thriller whose protagonist, a 13-year old boy, must come of age after a tragedy befalls his community. As my Aunt pointed out, the nature of this novel is the reason why Tribal provisions are needed in the VAWA (Violence Against Women Act). Therefore, read this book if you are in search of an excellent page-turner, but keep in mind that this story holds significant relevance to Indigenous communities regarding post-colonial treatment of our women.






The Royal Tailor, Lee Won-Suk


Scene from The Royal Tailor.

Light rides on the tail of a soft, iridescent sash; Swatches of  greens, golds, and reds line the shelves, waiting for agile fingers; You can feel the warmness of the sun shine through a freshly dyed Jade cloth. What I like about The Royal Tailor is that it appeals to all of the senses, beautifully might I add. In the kingdom of the Joseon Dynasty, rigid protocol for clothing creates obstacles, intrigue, and jealousies between the master royal tailor, Dol-Seuk, and the equally talented artisan Kong-Jin. I loved the elaborate set and wardrobe designs, but the end was what really got me. See if you can keep your eyes dry.






PK’s Tastes:

Song: Galantis- Runaway (U & I) ft. Kaskade


This is my chosen song of the month because it takes me into the world of my early festival days, while at the same time elevating my soul into new horizons of sound. There is nothing more nostalgic than a Calvin Harris-esque electronic feel good summer song. Two ladies by the names of Julia Karlsson (chorus) and Cathy Dennis (verse) contribute to the vocals of the song. As sooartworks-000094982281-9340e6-t500x500n as the lyrics start, Cathy’s voice is undeniably soothing, bringing joy and causing my spirit to soar into the atmosphere. I specifically chose the Kaskade remix because it is more electronically executed. The lengthy synth beat in between the chorus and verses leave you ample time to groove along. You can’t go wrong with jamming to this song. It’s just the right combination of emotion and free spirited fun.


Mix: What So Not- Flying to Europe Mix


If you have been following the experimental-new age-electronic-hip hop music scene (as I like to call it), then please do yourself a favor and take 58 minutes 16 seconds of your life to listen to this mix. What So Not presents us with an opportunity to go on an adventure…a musical voyage. He starts up with Chrome Sparks “Goddess”..an introductory build up preparing you for nothing less than a sensational exuberant ride. He then transitions right into Swizzymack’s “Drip,” which immediately changes the tempo and gives your musical experience a soulful bounce. I won’t go into details the extensive list of unique talented artists he mixes in, but I will name some of my favorites: Lorde’s “Tennis Court” (Flume remix), Falcons “Be Quiet”, Raury’s “Cigarette Song” (Snakehips Remix), Caribou’s “Can’t Do Without You,” Slum Village’s “Fall in Love” (Moody Good remix), and of course RL Grime’s “Tell Me” and “Core”. This short list of songs alone prove that What So Not puts together a compilation of music that is able to reach and touch all of your senses, your feelings, your physical and mental demands.


Do yourself a favor and go on a drive or relax outside. Take flight and escape the world into this trandescental trip.




Wilson Knight’s Tastes: 

Bjork Exhibit at MoMA in New York

Bjork Exhibit at MoMA in New York


Candy Darling.

I’m excited to get to share some of my favorite music, books, art, and films of the month with Temper! I’ll start it off with my favorite songs of the moment, one of them being Circus of Your Mind by Paloma Faith from the Finding Neverland soundtrack. It has a sort of beautiful, haunting build to it. The song itself is about not being able to escape that dark side of yourself that you constantly struggle with. I’ve also been obsessed with this song called Free Fall by La+ch for the last couple of months. The vocal production is really interesting and compliments the song really well. It has a quirkiness in the likeness of Mika but still has a very smooth and crisp quality to it. My favorite book of the moment is definitely How To Make Love Like A Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale by Jenna Jameson! It’s her memoir and is filled with a lot of really dark moments that are lightened with some hilarious anecdotes. It’s just a really great opportunity to get inside the head of one of the world’s most famous adult entertainers. Speaking of getting inside the head of the famous, I had the opportunity to experience Björk’s MoMA installment and it was ridiculous! Definitely one of my favorite art installations I’ve ever had the chance to witness. It’s like walking through a time capsule of her career. You get to experience the creative genius that she truly is, from scrap papers with written lyrics and notes, to the crazy fashion and everything in between. I could go on forever, but I’ll move on to film! I’ve just recently watched Beautiful Darling again, and I forgot how much I loved it. It tells the story of Candy Darling, one of Andy Warhol’s girls during The Factory era, through the eyes of one of her closest friends. It’s a really interesting a tragic story about a transsexual during one of the most fascinating times of New York. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d highly recommend it.




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