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Published on: October 1, 2014

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So here is where the journey begins…My first interview. It started off with a bang. No exaggeration, this interview set up such a strong tone for the content being discussed in the interviews that were to follow after. I admit, I was nervous going into it…One, partly because I did not know the interviewees very personally, two, because this was only my third time conducting an interview with anyone. I wanted it to be better than my previous ones, and I didn’t want to get so nervous I couldn’t properly ask questions. Well lucky for me, I had the privilege of starting this series with two amazing girls of a collaborative brand named Metal Spirals. Walking up to Em’s place already excited me. The front porch was full of exotic plants and I could hear the soothing sound of saxophone playing inside the house. Upon entering I felt a sort of bohemian vibe and surprisingly found out there was no record playing, but rather an older gentleman perched on the couch playing the actual saxophone. At that point my heart was already stolen. We decided it would be best to take residence on some chairs in the backyard. We enjoyed a good session of the lovely green, to relax our minds and make small talk. And then, the real delight began…

228263Emily Lucio (22) and Kailee Hazelton (19) are the two girls who began Metal Spirals in early 2013. They make art, jewelry, and clothing, but tend to focus on mostly jewelry. These two ladies use real gemstones, rocks, crystals, and shells and find their materials at stores, beaches, and forests. They are inspired by nature and never make the same thing twice. Jewelry making started out as a hobby for them a few years ago when they used to make each other things as gifts or trades. They eventually realized they could channel their energy into something they enjoy and make money at the same time. Kai so deftly put it, “Why don’t we make stuff that we wish existed?” “It’s the ultimate job…If I could do nothing else except for do art and make stuff and dance why don’t I do just that? ” She is wise beyond her human age.

We progressed into the nitty gritty, the heart of the matter: What is suburbia and what is your perception of what it means to you? “It’s when all the houses look the same and you can see your neighbor taking a shit from your back door (laughs). Somewhere where everyone has the same clothes…life is centered around the mall. It’s like living inside a box, in which everyone moves from box to box…and it is so impersonal. It kind of destroys the nature of things.” Em goes on to say, “It’s not fucking fun to be judged constantly and that’s what suburbia is…everyone’s afraid to be themselves.” Kai adds, “Trend following…ridiculous…” and exclaims, “Suburbia is going to be outdated soon.” I ponder what she could possibly mean by this. She explains that she feels like we are all part of a new movement happening; “…The big, I don’t know, the swing, the back and forth since the beginning of time. We’re just going from one extreme to another and now we are finally breaking free.” This led me into asking if she feels like people are being spiritually awoken. She responds with a simple statement: “People are tired,” (of which I assume she is speaking of this daily routine of choreographed life we seem to be getting caught up in). “They’re trying to see the true benefit of things now. Who said we were to just work a job until we die? We’re working for a middle object (money) that essentially has no value.” Incidentally, Kai just started a new job at a Quizno’s and is sick of it already. She feels that if she could use the time she spends there to put all her motivation into her passions, she would feel more accomplished in her life. She doesn’t want to fall into the draining cycle of school, work, and money. And I certainly agree with her, because let’s face it…there’s more to life than being unhappy, especially when you feel forced into a monotonous routine just to get by. Speaking of a monotonous routine, my mind drifted to the thought of being so bored living in Temecula. I was prompted to ask how long they have been living here. Em lived in Los Angeles until 8th grade, then moved to the desert for a few years, and finally landed in Temecula her sophomore year of high school. Kai lived in Chico until she was 5, onto LA County and San Dimas, and finally ended up in Temecula from 6th grade onward. I pressed to know how they felt about living in a suburban culture: Kai said, “People are afraid to change their way of life (here)…I’m just as part of this society as I’ve ever been. But it’s just about working little by little to improve…Life is magical.” Em stated, “It’s all about the people no matter where you go.” Which really put things in a different perspective for me, because she has point…no matter what physical environment you are living in, it’s the people who make or break it. I asked how she feels about this being a place for someone like her. She responds, “It’s clean here for now, but it’s not prime for artists.” I inquired for more of course. So she adds, “There is not enough exposure, everyone is all about money.” She proceeded to give me an example of a business in Old Town who was trying to negotiate an investment deal of 60/40. It is downright disrespect to an artist who puts their love into a piece of work and is supposed to be satisfied with only getting back 40 percent of its profit. Em captivatingly finished her answer with, “We are building this empire from the bottom up.” What a warrior goddess. IMG_4613
There is a chance that too many people are beginning to flock to this town. It seems overpopulated at times, it seems the roads never catch a break. Kai exclaimed, “Do you think this many people are meant to live in such proximity?” Even with how close we all live, she says, “people can’t even cooperate.” I wondered whether they thought it would be different living in a rural area. Em answered this time, giving me a metaphor about a lone wolf who encounters another wolf in his travels. Because this wolf so rarely gets to meet other wolves, he seeks out connection and ultimately companionship. This is the exact opposite of our society; we just have a strange chemistry in which we can barely look at a stranger’s eyes when we pass by them. It really was such a wonderfully put allegory. So ultimately, I searched for more input…Did they think we were creating too many people here? We might be taking advantage of the fact we are surrounded by so many people, we fail to seek out the human connection we all need. Em replied, “Overpopulation is besides the point. Consciousness is what it’s about. All problems are stemmed from lack of love and lack of realization that you have the power to change things.” Furthermore she stated, “If jobs are set up where you can’t live off minimum wage…that kind of society isn’t going to breed very smart or functional kids.” Reluctantly Kai elaborates on this, “Culture is used against people to keep them in that state. But if we did things the natural way most people would probably just be dead” (we all chuckle at this). She goes on, “It’s a matter of teaching the right way. It’s our natural course to break free from our restraints.” Em chimes in, “I appreciate the good, but I really try to change the bad…It’s all about starting with yourself.” We continue further in our discussion, slightly veering off topic into their views on art and spirituality. I would love to disclose the words they gave me, but I am saving it for a future chronicle (so please do come back). The interview finally came to a close. At the end of it all, my brain felt like it just had a good workout, sweating out the toxins and cleansing the neural pathways. My spirit felt lighter too. I was left with so much more insight and perspective on life, my own philosophy remolded itself. These girls have gracious but powerful voices. Their final words were this: “Everything is manifesting because of the positivity and effort people are implementing…it’s almost as if we are sparkling.” 279

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