Get into Fabriks’ Premiere Music Video for “Future Eyes”

Published on: April 13, 2017

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I got the chance to speak with Eleanor Lucille of dreampop duo Fabriks, who just released their first music video, “Future Eyes”, on Tuesday April 11th. Fabriks is composed of Eleanor Lucille (lead vocals/keyboard) and Tristan Cannizzaro (guitar/beats). They’ve released a few songs on their soundcloud, (, so give them a listen if you’re feeling it! Watch their premiere music video for “Future Eyes”, and continue reading our interview with Eleanor Lucille below:

Camaray: So when I hear this song,especially while watching the video, I got these connotations from the lyrics that are strengthened by the noir-ness of the video itself. I feel like you’re a bruja laying down the recipe for an esoteric love story ..or maybe love lost at sea:

“Come back down to the house of the past,

i’ll give you three, three good answers

two will play the part

of mystery in echoing laughters

one good heart is all it takes

one conscious thought is all it takes”


So tell me what this song is about to you.


Eleanor Lucille: It’s funny that you called me a bruja (laughter). This is actually our oldest song. I wrote it a few years ago with a lover, because he was super hard-core, El Salvadorian , Catholic. I am essentially atheist. One night our conversation got too heavy, and I was like “You know what, this argument is stemming from your superstition.” But then, we still fell asleep with each other that same night. When we were sleeping I had a dream of us in the past. When we woke up, he told me, “I can’t see you anymore…I don’t think you’re evil, but I think it’s sorcery, you’ve entranced me, but you don’t have the beliefs I have.” I’m like, you know what, I get it. Cause we made such great music together, which was entrancing, but it wasn’t strong enough…His idea of a lover-friend had to be on the same wave length which we only shared in the past.


C: Like religious wave-length? I can see how that’s important to people, like being on the same level with religion, politics, etc…


E: Yes,this song is explaining the sense that no matter your beliefs, one heart is all it takes for either party to be better versions of themselves. At the same time this song is very nostalgic, because even to this day I still care deeply about this person.


C: I also really like your song Vessels. Some of the lyrics caught my attention: “Darkness comes from the silent spring, we must make such noise to defend the fight!” Does that have anything to do with Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, a book released in the 1960s advocating for environmental justice and stopping the use of pesticides in agriculture? Are you advocating for some sort of social change in this song?

E: I am actually, especially in that song. I’ve actually never read the book Silent Spring, but you can totally tie it to that book if you want to. This song was originally written for a commercial in which they wanted us to write about “anticipation”. That’s all they told us. So we wrote it, didn’t publish it, but I re-wrote lyrics to it that weren’t poppy. I wanted to use Fabriks itself as a platform for vocalizing social injustice, or just to stimulate listeners to question the validity of pop songs, just to make it a little deeper. It’s fun, it’s pop, it’s catchy, but because of that, I wanted to take advantage of the fact that we have the listener’s attention. “Silent spring” stands for the silence that becomes when we are passive, but also is a reference to the band El Haru Kuroi (which translates to “the black spring”), who heavily influenced me… They are making noise. Their songs are politically active. They sing songs about immigration, for instance. But “Vessels” is about the post-apocalyptic world that’s to come if we stay passive. So making music, making noise, is just vocalizing a wokeness.


C: Yeah, and I get that cause in this song you talk about histories being buried below ground, or something of that nature…


E: yeah, it’s like history’s being buried because people are being silent, not taking the time to educate themselves either…but you can’t stand still.

The dynamic duo at work.

The dynamic duo at work.


What was cool to me was that Eleanor and I were thinking of the same words “Silent spring”, with completely different origins, but the same idea behind them. We aren’t talking about the same book or band, but we’re  still talking about the same message. That is, to not stay silent in the face of political or social adversity, and to demand change and justice in these forums.


C: How did the music video for “Future Eyes” come together? Was there any specific inspiration?

E: How this video came about is that photographer Jon Allyn (of Neutron Parade), who worked with Tristan said “Hey, I really like this song. I want to make a music video for it, and I already see it”. So he’s really influenced by filmmaker David Lynch, an older Hollywood filmmaker with very eerie visuals for film. Jon Allyn, who made the video, wanted to do the David Lynch theme but in a dream world version for  “Future Eyes”.


C: I’m definitely picking up on those eerie themes. The video kind of reminds me a lot of the really old black and white film…I wanna say something in french…it sounds like the Hunchback of Notre Dame but it’s not (laughter)…


E: Oh, Nosferatu?


C: Yes! That one. It’s got a little spookiness to it, I don’t know how else to describe it really.


E: Yeah he wanted to do the old Hollywood film noir thing. I like that it reminded you of Nosferatu, probably because of the smoke and blink screen…It’s like going back and forth between a girl and her dream world when I’m with the microphone, to the reality where life is a little bit off .’ Jon really conveyed the feeling of uncertainty and uneasiness. I think this goes in hand with the song. If you stumble across someone’s beliefs, different from yours, your reaction is to feel uncertain of it’s validity. However, if you listen and try to understand idea or melody, something beautiful may spring. It all begins with discussion. This video and project all began with an idea that we collectively spoke on.


Tristan Cannizzaro and Eleanor Lucille of Fabriks

Tristan Cannizzaro and Eleanor Lucille of Fabriks

C: OK, now a little something fun. I want you to choose Fabrik’s muses…So say you’re writing the recipe for your upcoming album. I’m going to give you two words, and you have to choose one or the other…In other words, which one is the essence of Fabriks?


C: First one, Pan Dulce or Pineapples?


E: Pineapples!


C: Aries or Aquarius’?


E: I’m gonna go with Aries.


C: Why Aries?


E: Because I’m an Aries cusp, I’m the last day of Pisces and I’m a little more rigid…I vocalize my expectations for people. I can’t help but shake expectations even when I don’t verbally convey them. I work in a really laxed environment in the festival world, and I’ll still have high standards for my work and my workers so I think I’m an Aries in that way.


C: Drake or Kanye?


E: Ohhhh don’t hate me, but Drake! Haha.


C: You know I’m a Kanye fan! Drake is dope though haha.

E: Kanye lost me.. I think there’s a time and place for political activism, but not when you’re playing with other people’s money.


C: Are you referring to when he cancelled all those shows recently?


E: Yeah, and then lately I know Drake is ratchet, but those hits! Not even the hits that are singles…He’ll come out with new albums and then there’s those hits on the albums that aren’t even getting radio play. His producers, they’re not letting me down, so that’s why Drake.


C: Yeah he’s coming up with some bangers and I appreciate it. So last one…Bass or bongos?


E: I’m gonna say bongos, most deff. Bass grooves, but bongos can really move a room with a certain vibration…


C: So my last question I have is if there’s any upcoming news that Fabriks would like to share?


E: Yeah, in May of this year we are digitally releasing on Spotify and iTunes our first official single, “Glass and Girl”, featuring rappers Noa James and Jo Well. And then of course we have a show on April 30th at Que Sera in Long Beach. This is just the beginning. I wanna run with this for as long as I can and inspire as many listeners and musicians as I can.


C: Absolutely. Well it seems like you’re off to a good start, you got me interested! I wanted to share your music video cause I really liked it and I obviously like supporting family and you know, anyone that’s created something that’s done more organically. I like sharing music like that, I think it’s important. So thank you very much, I enjoyed this alot!


E: Thank you Cami, dude, this was fun!

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