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Published on: July 30, 2015

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  • Eat your Feels by Deth P Sun
  • Tupaco by Deladeso
  • Kanye with more Kanye by Deladeso
  • Sweet by Nubemente
  • Instagrime by Deladeso
  • Spud Boy as Madonna by Deladeso
  • Born to Die by Deth P Sun
  • Spicy Death and Grime by Deladeso
  • Tropical by Nubemente
  • Frosted by Deth P Sun
  • Deth Pizza Sun by Deth P Sun
  • Lushes by Nubemente

Feed Your Feed

We’re all guilty of posting those mouth-watering pleasures, however psychologists today speculate that foodstamgramming actually creates negative relationships with food. In the age of sharing, it will always be ‘fun to do bad things,’ but there are healthier ways to ingest one’s food porn. Thus I present my top 3 Instagram ‘Food for Follow.’ Though I’m not sure these accounts will 100% relieve the guilt of inhaled cheesecake post filter, but one may find them just as delectable.
Appetizer: @Nubemente
Ah fashion and fruit, such a fresh pairing, yet subtle enough to keep you wanting more. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Nubemente is actually a select catalog of an Etsy ran by Melissa Perez. On her spare time, Mel experiments with different mediums such as markers and Prismacolors, accenting her profile with sexy bites of lush sweets and tropical goods.
Entrée: @Deladeso
Blazing out of Southern California’s Inland Empire, Deladeso has cooked up something a bit heavier. Artist Richie Velazquez really get’s to the meat and potatoes, or should I say pizza and potatoes of Istagram’s over fed yet under provoked foodies. What began as the digital death and grime movement; a zombification of found objects, lewd women and super stars, now is utilized as a satirical foodification of photography on a similar plane.
With no reservations and 100% grime, the Deso diet will get you the all original Tupaco (yes, a naked Tupac wedged in a corn tortilla dressed in only cilantro, cabbage and onion), pepperoni pizza (on so many levels/celebrities, including the Pizza Kanye, grimed with what else but more pizza), and fruit, served with digitally grimed Tapatio for spice and either Jaritos or Tequila to cool it all down.
Then there’s the Potato. What began as a spud boy, have become spud men, in a series of parody album covers replacing central figures such as N.W.A, The Doors, Madonna and even Kendrick Lamar’s m.A.A.d city van. When asked why, Richie merely replied, “Sometimes you wanna feel like a potato. I want to try to see what I can get away with and find people with a similar sense of humor.”
Dessert: @DethPSun
On a slightly sweeter side Deth P Sun takes a narrative approach to his pallet. Representing California East Bay, Sun has carried the journey of a curious cat across canvasses, wood blocks and parchment paper slaying the psychedelic and surreal with but ink and paint.
However, I wouldn’t quite call Cat’s treat’s a ‘Happy Meal’ as Deth illustrates the character among cookies, donuts, fast food, and pancakes with the portent statement ‘Eat Your Feels.’ The expression on the black creatures face is subtly regrettable, as he appears stuck in his frosty donut, or melting away in a buttery stack of flapjacks.
Not that the artist is advocating for an anti-diabetes campaign, rather addressing the cynicism we hold towards our diets, and comfort food, putting into question the emotions tied to them. Cat only champions on, eating cookie after cookie with the statement ‘Born to Die.’
Feeling gluttonous? Appetizing or not, each artists’ embodiment of food questions the way we see it, and can even use it to our emotional advantage. The truth is we’ve been sharing meals for over 200,000 years, and food will always remain a vital part of our existence. However, just as we’ve observed the evolution of the human diet, we must watch the way we are changing our emotional ties to food today. Sex, humor and art are already delicate impressions cuisine has charted. What shift is your post encouraging; a healthier lifestyle, a conversation of the culinary arts or could it be another food shaming mantra?

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